Understanding Hair Loss – Courses for Stylists

Understanding Hair Loss - Training Courses for Hairdressers


Hair loss can be sudden or gradual and there are many reasons why someone may be experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. The most common reasons for hair loss include male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, stress, genetics, side effects from medications, cancer treatments, hormones and simply getting older.   

At Postiche Academy we offer training courses, advice and support for hair professionals and hair extensionists who want to offer hair loss solutions to their clients. While it's always great to be able to offer another service such as hair extensions or mesh integration systems for hair loss, it can also be incredibly rewarding when you can offer people the solutions and support they need.

The first step for stylists interested in learning how to fit hair replacement systems is to understand the fundamentals of hair loss which we explain clearly during our cost-effective training course.

Learn the Fundamentals of Hair Loss 

Our 1-day Fundamentals of Hair Loss Course is suitable for stylists who want to offer their clients the best hair loss solutions. You will find out more about trichology, the factors that contribute to hair loss, how to recognise hair loss, and how you can help clients with thin hair and hair loss. 

We will look at hair replacement systems, discuss the importance of diet, nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and good hair care, and how the right hair products can improve many hair and scalp conditions.

During your trichology training you will be taught: 

• Hair growth cycle
• Types of hair loss
• Male and female pattern baldness
• Pregnancy hair loss
• Different types of alopecia
• Trichotillomania
• Telogen Effluvium
• Hair loss in children
• Covid hair loss
• Trichologist Vs Dermatologist

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This course is for hair professionals who want to specialise in hair loss solutions or add a new hair loss treatment to your client services.  All our courses are insurable and CPD-accredited which means they have been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.