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15 reviews with an average rating of 5.00
Such a good course. I couldn’t recommend this more. Learnt so much about all causes and reasons for hair loss. Ways to prevent/ slow down the process. Services which can improve the clients confidence with hair replacement systems. Can’t wait to start using this for clients.
It’s amazing now to be able to offer so much more advice on where to go to help with hairloss and to offer a real chance at solutions to such a personal and life changing afflication. Doing the hairloss course has inspired me to delve deeper into the information and solutions to elevate what I can offer every client. Thankyou Krysia
Absolutely loved the hair loss course with Krysia today! I’m leaving today full to the brim with fresh knowledge and a renewed excitement to help my clients feel their best selves! Can’t wait to put it to the test! Thank you!!
An incredible course which really dives deep into hair loss, including the different types of hair loss and ways to help treat and prevent it for clients. Krysia is super knowledgable and kept the session really interesting and interactive. I’ve learnt so much about hair loss that I didn’t know before and feel more prepared than before to advise clients where needed. It’s actually really opened my eyes into learning more about hair loss and hair replacement systems, as well as Trichology itself
The day with krysia was really good and informative. I can’t wait to help clients feel good in themselves again with the knowledge that Krysia has given us
Krysia was brilliant today! Leant so much on a subject I see daily but not enough information about. Feel much more comfortable with talking to clients and knowing what the problem is. Thanks
Thanks to Krysia from the Postiche hair loss academy. I attended the hair loss course and found it deepened my knowledge of hair loss and its causes. Since the first lockdown I have seen a rise in clients experiencing some for or other of hair loss. This course has given me the confidence to speak to my clients openly and help point them in the right direction when it comes to seeking further professional advice.
Such an amazing course! I learned soooo much and I’m super excited to take me new knowledge back to my clients and even more excited to continue my education journey on your next course in the new year,
Education by @krysiawesthair is definitely a course not to be missed.
Throughout lockdown I was keen to get some relevant information in my industry, I saw postiche academy were educating hair professionals on a topic that couldn’t have been more fitting for the time, Krysia made us all feel completely comfortable regardless of our experience. The detail was unbelievably informative the pace was absolutely brilliant and being such a Detailed subject there was plenty of time for notes and questions. Being back behind the chair I’m still using the knowledge given by Krysia on a daily basis so the course was such good value for money. Thanks again postiche.
Hair cycle can be between 2 to 7 years so that’s why some guests feel their hair never grows! It’s not just down to breakage. The different types of alopecia and their causes in men and women, some great information. Menopause hair loss as it’s something my guests ask about and I really didn’t know it could be a cause. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed the class great information especially in the current climate, as we start to see the effects of the pandemic and the impact it has through hair loss on our guests in salon. It’s given me more knowledge on all aspects of hair loss but also an understanding of when I can suggest the guest needs to seek medical advice or medical treatment is needed along side salon services. Many thanks.
Such a great course; urge everyone to educate yourselves further. Very interesting to find out about how our hormones affect our hair and over 40% of women develop hair loss through menopause.
Thank you so much for a most amazing course, it was so informative and great that you related the information as a hairdresser, I had a few light bulb moments, including the info about SPF lotions affecting hair loss, the make pattern baldness was fascinating too. I hadn’t appreciated how much diet and hormones affect hair loss ,and am grateful for the information regarding post chemotherapy hair. Thanks again.
I loved the course it gave me the confidence and knowledge especially when going through hair loss during my perimenopause. I thought that's it there is nothing to be done but this course helped me to understand what's happening and where to get help. So educational Thank you so much for letting me understand more deeply about my concerns and that are professionals such you to help me with it.
Did a course in lockdown and really enjoyed it, learnt so much, Krysia had so much knowledge and explains it all so well so you fully understand. Since doing the course I have felt so much more confident and comfortable with talking to clients. Highly recommend and will be doing future courses with Krysia.