Meet Hair Loss Expert Krysia West

Meet Your Postiche Academy Trainer Krysia West

Krysia West at Postiche Hair Loss Academy in BerkshireLet us introduce you to your tutor Krysia West - trichologist, educator and joint CEO of Postiche Academy.

Krysia also runs a busy hair salon, is a member of the WeLove International Art Team, a Roots Professional UK Educator, and an ambassador for Glowwa Hair Food.

Krysia's hairdressing skills are unmatched, with expertise in colour, styling, extensions and hair loss.  She is known for her outstanding photographic collections that showcase her incredible creative skills and is regularly featured in national magazines. 

She is also a member of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing which nurtures and develops the future growth and success of the British hairdressing and barbering industry by focusing on creativity, opportunity, diversity, and inclusivity.

In 2018 Krysia joined the Fellowship's Colour Project. A year later she was on the Project X team, and in 2o23 has been invited to join British Hairdressing's Project Afro.  It's fair to say that Krysia has immersed herself in the industry, gaining recognition for her hard work and being named a Southern Hairdresser of the Year finalist three times.

It was in 2022 that Krysia and her sister and business partner Kirsty Rodziewicz founded Postiche Academy.  The academy trains hairdressers to become experts so they can help people in need of professional hair loss care and guidance.

The academy offers hands-on training on how to apply high-quality hair extensions and mesh integration systems, and how to deliver the best personal care to clients with hair loss.

Krysia says: "As a salon owner, I have been helping guests with hair loss since 2009.  I have also suffered from hair loss so know only too well how difficult it can be to find the right support - whether emotional or physical. There was a massive gap in education around hair loss which is why I trained as a trichologist. Together with Kirsty, we then set up Postiche Academy so we can bring expert, reliable, affordable solutions to salons across the UK.⁣"

The three main courses available at Postiche Academy are:

The Fundamentals of Hair Loss

How To Fit Hair Extensions

Mesh Integration Hair Loss Course

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